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Heavy Expanded mesh machine(100T)

heavy  expanded  mesh machine;Expanded lath machine; Expanded metal  machine;Expanded metal making machine

XF-4-2000 (100T) heavy Expanded mesh machine (Sheet Moving)

The fence mesh machine is used produce the expanded metal mesh for fence, the fence is usually applied in construction, hardware, door, windows, safety fence, highway guardrail and lathes. This kind of fence mesh usually need surface treated to used as door and the highway guardrail, etc.

The machine is in high speed with satisfied expanded mesh. The shearing force of the expander is related to the thickness of the materials as well as the LWD. Considering the same thickness of the raw materials, the shearing force will increase with the decreased LWD.

expanded mesh machinery; expanded metal lath machine

Main technical parameters: 
Model: XF-4-2000
Range of the thickness: 0.5-4mm
Cutting width: 2000mm
SWD: 10-70mm
LWD: 20-150mm
Working speed: 60 strokes per minute
Feeding distance: 0-4mm
Motor power: 15kw
Net weight: 12T
Punching force:100T 
Overall size: 3600mm*2500mm*3000mm

Typical application of expanded metal mesh: