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Wire Spooler take-up machine

Wire Spooler take-up machine
Wire Spooler take-up can coil the wire layer by layer, the coiled wire will be tight and no chaos. 

Take-up Material: Low, medium or high carbon steel, stainless steel or other non-ferrous




Model: XF-800
Spooler Size: 800X400X500(ODXIDXW)
Wire Inlet Dia.: 3.0-0.8
Working speed: 400 M/Min-800 M/Min
Power required/capstan: 30 HP/1HP
Model: BN-500
Spooler Size: 630X355X400(ODXIDXW)
Wire Inlet Dia.: 1.2-0.7
Working speed: 400 M/Min-600 M/Min
Power required/capstan: 15 HP/1 HP


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