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Wire Drawing Die

Wire Drawing Die(Horniness mould,Polycrystalline die,Shaped Die)
Our can provide various models of high wear-resistant Carbide Drawing Die and Synthetic polycrystalline diamond mold, used for high-speed drawing and high-strength steel wire. They can be used for drawing all kinds of steel wire ,including other shaped (hexagonal, flat square, square, oval, etc.) steel wire. The scope of wire diameter is more than Φ0.15mm 
At the same time, we can manufacture various precision wire drawing die for various processes, according to customers' specific requirements . 
Our wire drawing dies with high quality, long life, reasonable price and high efficiency are popular in domestic and foreign markets. Filaments drawn out of our wire drawing dies have a good surface finish.

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2. Small hole punch:
PC hydraulic system suppression, The reserved holes as small as 0.05mm . Good density, High hardness,Precise hole-like,Smooth surface,Simple grinding,Reduce the difficulty of modeling and improve the yield.
3. Special die:
Special die for Welding Wire,Copper coated Hose wire,Steel Cord and so on. 
4. the tolerance of wire drawing :
Strong technical advantages and complete specifications of sophisticated technology lead to precise drawing tolerance. 

5. Ultrasonic grinding machine
Ultrasonic grinding machine is mainly used in processing semi-finished products. Its precision needle point processed by fine grinding machine make the shape of semi-finished hole precise, make the work awlangle of finished die accurate and ensure a high degree of sizing.
6. Wire drawing die
Wire drawing die are processed by the newly developed high-speed electric polishing molding machine.The dies which have good wear resistance and long life with linear-shaped hole adapt to high-speed drawing for various types of mental wire. Our factory has a great advantage in the mass production for Carbide Drawing Die in the country. 
High Speed : Standardized processes, Precise angles. Adapt to high-speed drawing.
High strength : High hardness of the mold material. Adapt to the high-strength steel wire drawing
High abrasion resistance : Fine particles, high hardness, high density of the mold material, Have High abrasion resistance. 


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