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Perforated metal mesh machine

Perforated metal mesh machine/Perforated metal  machine/ Perforated metal mesh making machine

Perforated metal mesh machine production line  for coils
This kind of machine is especially designed for the steel plate in rolls. 
Perforated metal mesh machine is of high-efficiency, is used to produce the following products.
Perforated metal screen sheet is mainly used in oil field drilling, mine screening, engineering, sifting of grains, decorations and designs of buildings. Perforated metal sheet is used for oil filters, as fencing screen for expressway, railway and other construction facilities, used in workshops as well as other constructions as sound isolation sheet, decorative sheet for stairs, environmental tables and chairs, sifting in grains, feed and mines. Perforated metal screen sheet is also used in making of kitchenware such as fruit basket, food cover, etc. 
Perforation patterns: Round perforations, square perforations, slotted perforations, fish scale perforations, hexagonal perforations, cross perforations as well as some other special patterns. Perforated Metal Screen Sheet can be classified into Mild steel perforated metal screen; galvanized iron perforated metal screen; aluminum perforated metal screen; stainless steel perforated metal screen; perforated metal sheets of other materials.

Perforated sheets can be used with advantage in many situations, for instance when requiring sound reduction, weight saving, air control, filtering, a decorative surface, or simply a non-skid effect based on their many qualities. Perforated sheets are well suited for sorting, facades, ceilings, lamps, shelves, shielding & steps and of course many other purposes as well. 

Model: XF-PF-R 
Material: feed in coils 
Max. thickness: 1mm
Machine size: 2.0*5.0*2.2M
Weight: 5000kg
Finished products (perforated metal mesh): 


Perforated Metal Mesh Machine for sheet

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