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Annealing oven


electricity/natural gas pit annealingfurnace for making black annealed wire

1.Features: Annealing furnace is a specialequipment for black annealing wire, soft wire. The equipment is composed ofinner furnace tank, outer furnace tank, furnace cover, heating element,temperture control cabinet. The inner furnace tank is welded by top qualitystainless steel plate, outer furnace tank is welded by steel plate withinsulation layer. With high technology, the equipment realized convenientoperation, fast and evenly heating, energy saving.

2.Product application: The finished blackannealing wire is used for binding wire and galvanized wire.

3.Components : Outer furnace tank - 1set,Inner furnace - 1 set, Electrical cabinet - 1 set

4. Production capacity : 3-8 tons/time

5. We have many kind of size furnace to meetcustomers' requirement.





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